How It Works?


Find Your Freelancer

When you are searching for a professional online, you never want to hire someone without first knowing their capabilities. What are their qualifications? Have they done this type of work in the past? Let us help you fill in those blanks so that you can be confident in your decision.

With, you can browse freelance profiles and view each professional's description, credentials, portfolio, and client ratings of past projects. You can send a message that details every aspect of what you need, or set up a conference call and communicate directly with your professional. Discuss your project, exchange ideas and information, and establish a clear understanding of who they are and what they can do before committing to a transaction.

On Demand Services

Unlike other websites that force you to post a description and wait for a response, projects can be set up and paid for in just a couple of steps. There is no waiting for bids or for contest submissions. Except in the case of custom projects, all aspects of project creation have been predefined and integrated into our system. All you have to do is just submit your project when you are ready, and the professional will start working on it immediately.

What Makes Us The Best

At, we are committed to making sure that everything having to do with your project runs as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to make buying a service online as straightforward as buying a product online, which means that when you buy a service:

  1. Finding your professional is only a few clicks away.
  2. The purchasing process is hassle-free.
  3. Communication is open and easy.
  4. Service delivery is on time and on target with what you want.

Many of our freelancers have been professionals for several years and have helped hundreds of clients with their projects. Let their experience and expertise help you achieve the results you are looking for.


If you need editing services, you have come to the right place. has been providing professional editing services for over 15 years. Whether you are an author, an academic writer, a business writer, or someone who needs ESL help, our editing services are essential to polishing and perfecting your work. Our experienced editors provide a second set of eyes and not only spot mistakes you may have missed, but also enhance your document so that it conveys your ideas in a compelling manner. editors add the right finishing touch so that your writing is the very best it can be.


As societies and economies become more globalized and interconnected, individuals and businesses require accurate and fast translation services to bridge communication gaps and reach broader audiences. Our expert translators provide personalized attention for all your translating needs, from journal articles and books to corporate manuals and personal documents. Whether you are looking for a single translator to help you with an important document or a team of translators who can make your project into a multilingual venture, is there for you and will help you connect to the best translation talent on the Web.


Increase Your Visibility

Exposure is a key element to any freelance business venture. You may be an experienced professional who has developed and refined your capabilities, but without adequate promotion your skill set and associated income will not reach its full potential.

Let us promote your services using a wide variety of marketing initiatives, while giving you access to our existing client base which has been growing for over 15 years. Your profile will highlight your attributes to thousands of potential clients in an accessible, easy-to-read format. Those who appreciate your services can not only add positive ratings and reviews to your profile, but they can also use social media to recommend your services to their friends. As you establish client relationships and receive positive ratings, your ranking within the directory will increase, which will drive even more traffic to your profile and expand your overall earnings potential.

Earn Your Income

The earnings from projects are split between and the hired professional. There is no bidding on projects or crowdsourcing contests. Instead, most aspects of project creation have been predefined and integrated into your profile, meaning that a client can buy most services without your involvement. When predefined services do not apply, a custom project can be set up that gives you the flexibility to quote a unique price for a unique service.

To be eligible for payment, a professional must first submit a valid W-9 Form/W-8BEN Form in order to declare his/her tax status. Once we have received your form, you will be added to our earnings distribution schedule and you will receive your earnings on a monthly basis.

Know Your Responsibilities

In order to maintain the highest level of service, all freelancers who are promoted within must adhere to minimum standards of conduct while interacting with clients, projects, and messages. These rules have been implemented to not only encourage client trust and repeat business, but also to define a clear and straightforward method for performing your tasks. Please review your contractual obligations as well as your responsibilities, and make sure that you understand these rules and expectations before beginning your freelance campaign.